from happy clients

Big Picture Media has had our back for the last two years, and I am so glad we have them as a part of our communications team. As a non-profit, our team is spread pretty small, but Tony and his team take all the pressure off of us to promote the wonderful work we do. We’ve made so much progress in how many people we reach, and I’m so grateful to continue our work with BPM as our Communications Quarterback!

Lucy Connery

Executive Director, the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo

Do you want one on one attention to help grow your busniess? Then Tony is your
guy. This guy has done more for Kraving Thyme Family Meal Prep than I could have
ever imagined. Tony is not just a fun guy with a great imagination for marketing but
what really stood out for me, the year we have been working together, is he treats
my business like it’s his own. We celebrate victories and when KT has a bad week
we game plan immediately on how we will bounce back… And we always do. I
cannot thank Tony enough for what he has done not only for Kraving Thyme but
what he had done for my family. Your company, business and family deserve a guy
like Tony in your corner. There is “no giving up” in his vocabulary.

Tom Orlandi

CEO, Kraving Thyme Family Meal Prep

Tony Mastrangelo of BPM has been handling our Facebook account for approximately 2 years. He does a wonderful job keeping our posts fresh and appealing. We have generated many leads that have turned into sales based on the content of our page. If you’re looking for a Facebook promoter that really cares about the image your business is trying to present, then Tony is your guy. He spent time learning what our business does and how it operates. He then inserted his creativity to bring that content to life via our page. Feel free to phone our office should you want to discuss BPM further!
Michelle Monaco

President , Shell Fab Countertops & Casework

Tony with Big Picture Media is an expert digital marketer that excels in getting your message to the masses. We saw our business grow 40% by switching our advertising from traditional methods to going exclusively to digital. You get the cutting edge technology and expertise of a big firm, but get the personal care and relationship of a small firm. BPM gives you the best of both worlds and I could not have been happier in my decision to switch.

Dave Glian

Owner , The Grand Island Fun Center

I started working with Tony at Big Picture Media about a year after starting my business, with an emphasis on advertising through social media. He has been very thorough and responsive throughout the whole process. I’m still currently working with him, as my leads and sales have dramatically increased since our opening campaign. I’m looking forward to continuing our success and could not recommend him enough.
Mark Paella

Owner, Impressions Scalp Micropigmentation

Three years ago, Tony came into my business as a referral from a friend of mine.  He presented his services and I listened with a lot of skepticism.  I had heard everything he said before only to have nothing but broken promises and less money in my bank account.  However, there was something about Tony that I liked so, with great apprehension, I agreed to give him a whirl for a three-month period. 
Well, those three months have turned into three years and I could never be happier.  In the initial three months time he literally doubled my business which, of course, made me a believer.  
Tony is hands on, invests his time into creating unique and genuine content geared towards YOUR business.  He doesn’t just have “standard” content that he repurposes.  Everything he creates is fresh and new.  I have 100% faith in Tony and as I tell people, if you’re looking to grow your business via social media, Tony is your guy!  Don’t think because he’s a small business owner he won’t get the job done.  On the contrary. 
Tony M is magnificent in his field.  You will be very happy working with him.
Cindy Gluckstein

Owner / President, Pocketeer Billiards

Tony has been a partner of ours for the last 4 years. During that time he has continually proven his desire to see our business succeed. He is driven to do what is best for us and what is in our best interests. He is a true partner in every sense of the word. He has shown expertise in designing campaigns that provide us a voice in social media, radio, TV, spotify and YouTube. Above all else, Tony is passionate. He is passionate to succeed, he is passionate to see us succeed and he is passionate about our Community. He was a valuable partner during 2020 and helped expand our community outreach initiatives. He is someone who represents our brand well in the community and someone who we are proud to say is on our team. I am confident that Tony will give his all to any business that he partners with. He is a partner I would highly recommend.
Nick Kusmierski

Co Owner, The Market in the Square

There are good people, there are good business people and then there is Tony Mastrangelo. You will be hard pressed to find someone who has just as much passion for your business and a desire for you to succeed than this man. 
When I decided to use Tony and BPM for my social media and advertising, I was very hesitant due the fact that my business was new and cash flow was tight. It was hands down the best investment I have made to date. And when COVID hit and my business took a hit, he went out of his way to help in any way he can. 
There aren’t many people like Tony and there is no one who will work as hard as you do for your business to succeed. 
In addition to his character Tony brings with him over 20 years in advertising covering all platforms. Having someone who has been in radio, TV, print and social media made choosing Tony a no brainer. 
I can’t thank Tony enough for the dedication he shown to me and his other clients.
Grade A, class act person who gets results for your business no matter what. 

Matthew Cybulski

Owner, MAC Fitness

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