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There are good people, there are good business people and then there is Tony Mastrangelo. You will be hard pressed to find someone who has just as much passion for your business and a desire for you to succeed than this man. When I decided to use Tony and BPM for my social media and advertising, I was very hesitant due the fact that my business was new and cash flow was tight. It was hands down the best investment I have made to date. And when COVID hit and my business took a hit, he went out of his way to help in any way he can. There aren’t many people like Tony and there is no one who will work as hard as you do for your business to succeed. In addition to his character Tony brings with him over 20 years in advertising covering all platforms. Having someone who has been in radio, TV, print and social media made choosing Tony a no brainer.
I can’t thank Tony enough for the dedication he shown to me and his other clients. Grade A, class act person who gets results for your business no matter what.
Matthew Cybulski

Owner, MAC Fitness